CFC (Cape Formwork Contractors) is a safety-approved scaffolding and formwork contractor in Cape Town. At CFC, scaffolding and construction safety is vitally important to us because it affects the health and safety of our customers, our staff members and the public at large.

With the heavy duty and dangerous work involved in construction, safety is something CFC prides itself on. We believe in erecting our scaffolds safely and maintaining that safety throughout our contracts. CFC is committed to ensuring that all of our sites adhere to stringent health and safety standards in compliance with the OHS Act & SANS 10085, and we endeavor to remain up-to-date with all current legislation.

Carelessness is often the cause of accidents. When injuries occur in the scaffolding and construction industry, it’s very often because safety has not been a primary concern of the contractor. This is not the case with CFC.

We feel that scaffolding construction safety is something that scaffolding service providers owe to each and every one of their customers. That’s why, as a safety approved scaffolding contractor in Cape Town and South Africa, we provide efficient and reliable scaffolding construction and safety for our clients.

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