Meet Willie Huisamen, Contracts Manager at CFC

Meet Willie Huisamen, Contracts Manager at CFC

Willie began his CFC journey in 2010 after leaving Murray & Roberts. After being employed as the Safety Manager, things progressed quite quickly as the company experienced rapid growth.

This is his story:

I’ve been with the company for seven and a half years and have been fortunate enough to work myself up to the Contracts Manager position.

When I started, our site staff contingent was about 40 – 50 employees. CFC now has 150 employees and two subcontractors on-site. We also have a Health and Safety department that makes sure that we’re evolving and up to standard with all the new regulations and requirements set out by government and the Department of Labor. We’re now also ISO 9001 accredited in terms of quality management.

How have we evolved? We always focus on giving the best service and constantly come up with new ideas to elevate our efficiency. We recently acquired the services of a transport company that we are working hand-in-hand with to get our employees to site earlier in the mornings.

What are the core drivers for success in the building industry?

The industry is very competitive, especially in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Every company has got to try and have a niche offering in this market, something that makes them stand out. In the case of CFC, it’s the service we give to our clients and the fact that we take on jobs other companies don’t want, due to the challenging nature of the job. We take pride in saying, “we built that”.

What does the future of CFC look like?

Well, no one can predict what’s to come but Cape Town will almost certainly keep on developing and I believe CFC will just keep on doing what we’ve always done… and the future will take care of itself.

It is quite simple really. Every person in the company has the same ethos – we put the client first, work hard and work for each other.