Meet David Poole, Director & Partner at CFC

Meet David Poole, Director & Partner at CFC

This is his story.

I joined CFC in early 2002 as a Junior Supervisor. Most of my time was spent on the scaffold, learning the trade from our experienced scaffolders and gaining invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge from those already in the company. Today, I’m a Director & Partner at CFC and its affiliate companies, focusing largely on business procurement and site/staff management.

Much has changed over the years, and much has stayed the same. CFC was built off the strong base of the hard work and expertise of Colin Poole and Jerry West, our two founding members. Their philosophy for the success of the business was simple – service delivery. This philosophy will remain and all of us at CFC pride ourselves on the service that we deliver and the relationships that we have with our customers, new and existing.

There have been two major changes. The first is the corporate identity of the company. Coming from a strong marketing /advertising background, I worked on a re-brand, added a website and created social media platforms. We’ve also designed new, more visible signage. The second major change to CFC over the years has been the organic growth of the business. We have never attempted to expand our business aggressively, but have rather grown with demand, in order to continue to best serve our customers.

Core company driver? It’s always been service delivery. We’ve remained competitively priced, but it’s our service delivery that has kept customers coming back.

A business will never succeed without the right people – you can teach skills but you can’t teach attitude. CFC was built on passion and determination and today everybody within the business, from our Partners and Directors to our Scaffold Erectors, is personally responsible for our success.

Success? We have an exceptional team, both in the office and on the ground. They’re incredibly passionate and conscientious about the work they do. The success of CFC is without a doubt due to its people.

The future? I see a company that continues to adapt to the ever-evolving business and building landscape, and is committed to improving upon the service that we have always offered. But most of all I see a team that continues to grow from strength to strength as we chase a common goal – to be the leading scaffolding company in the country.