Meet Jerry West, Co-Founder of CFC

Meet Jerry West, Co-Founder of CFC

Jerry started his career as an auditor and attended UCT in the evenings to work towards his CA qualification. This is his CFC story.

The early days

Once my university studies were complete, I found a position as group accountant in Johannesburg before leaving to come back to Cape Town as group accountant for another large organization. This is where I met Colin Poole, who at the time was the general manager of a scaffolding company in the group.

Putting a dream into action

Whilst working for that organisation, Colin and I decided to pursue a dream and go into business. Once we made up our minds, we didn’t waste time. Within three months of our decision, we registered a company, found premises, bought a few commercial vehicles, some scaffolding, and had all our admin and governmental papers sorted – we were officially in business!

What are some of your core business values?

Both Colin and I have always valued customer service, safety and financial discipline, which has been at the core of our business for over 30 years. No business the size of ours can succeed without trust and as partners we’ve come to rely on each other to build a company that meets the highest standards and reflects a culture of reliability and excellence. This absolute trust between the two of us, I believe, has been a major contributor to the success of CFC.

Why has CFC been successful over the years?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why our company is one of the leading scaffolding companies in Cape Town. In all the years building the business, it never occurred to either of us that we would not succeed, in fact, the thought of failure never crossed our minds. Our hearts have always been in it, the rest followed suit.