A look at Builders’ Holidays

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Many countries around the world have taken on the custom of the annual Builders’ Holiday and South Africa is no exception.

The holiday usually starts around the 16th of December and continues into the first and sometimes second week of the New Year.

The reasons for this yearly shut down are varied. Historically it made sense to close down during this time as the building industry throughout the world was well-known for using migrant labour, which meant employees could return home over the Christmas period while taking their paid leave entitlement.

Back in 1964 plans were made by the Durban Master Builders’ Association to legislate the annual shut-down period but to date no legislation has been passed. Whether legislated or voluntary, it should be noted that the industry has always remained flexible in providing essential and emergency services during the so-called shut-down period. Extra caution and care is taken before the holidays to ensure all unattended building sites and structures are safe for the public.

At CFC all scaffolding and formwork is checked for all possible weather damage and regularly tested at every project before the holiday period as we consider safety paramount to our business. We put the health and safety of our customers, staff members and the public at large first at all times of the year.

It is also important to note the benefits of having rested, relaxed employees, as a break often minimizes human error while building a happier, more motivated workforce. It can also mean better adherence to safety methods.

We believe that a strong safety culture is like gold, and it’s what CFC is built on. With this in mind we hope you had a happy and healthy holiday and we look forward to successful and safe projects in 2015.