Summertime and the building is easy…

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The warm weather is finally here and that means that the building industry will go into its busy season. With all types of construction work there are pros and cons to doing certain tasks at certain times of the year.

While it makes sense to build in the drier summer months, a lot of indoor work can easily happen during the rainy season – it all depends on the project at hand.

Some of the cons for building in summer include the long building holiday and price hikes due to the high demand for material.

By starting construction in winter you will be off-season of a typical construction schedule and therefore the subcontractors and suppliers may be less busy throughout your project.

Then there are the actual environmental conditions to consider. The days are shorter and colder during winter, which means less actual work time, and with all the Cape Town winter rain there will most certainly be weather delays to factor in. You may also need to use temporary heat to heat your home adequately.

Bad weather is especially dangerous to those who work outdoors. Storms can be very dangerous for the labour on site, as strong winds could potentially bring down scaffolding, destroy walls and even blow roofs off buildings! This type of weather can sometimes expose dangerous wires and gas pipes in the workplace, regardless of whether it’s outdoors or in an office.

You’re safe with us.

CFC considers safety paramount to our business. Scaffolding and construction safety is vitally important to CFC because it affects the health and safety of our customers, staff members and the public at large.

To minimize risk CFC ensures that all of our equipment is regularly checked and up-to-date and we factor weather conditions into each and every project. As a safety-approved scaffolding company in Cape Town, CFC provides efficient and reliable scaffolding construction and safety for all our clients.

Every one of our sites adheres to stringent health and safety standards in compliance with the OHS Act & SANS 10085, and we endeavor to remain up-to-date with all current legislation.

After all, when a construction company succeeds in building a strong culture of safety, it becomes a core value for every employee. A strong safety culture burnishes the company’s reputation, which is one of the most valuable assets for any business, and plays an essential role in its long-term success.