CFC looks at iconic structures & its part in building the city of Cape Town

Over the past 30 years CFC has proudly been a part of erecting and maintaining some of Cape Town’s well-known buildings and has cemented its place as a leading scaffolding company, contributing to what we believe is the most beautiful city on earth.

Our contracts have included work on the V&A Waterfront, Canal Walk, the University of Cape Town and the famous Table Mountain Cableway. More recent projects include Merriman Square, and we’re proud of the scaffolding work done for Parliament, Koeberg Power Station and City Hall.

A look at the tallest, oldest and most interesting buildings in South Africa:

South Africa is the most structurally and economically developed nation on the African Continent. It has a wide range of buildings that reflect its diverse history and cultural heritage.

One of the tallest buildings we’ve had the pleasure of providing scaffolding for is the impressive ‘Portside’ in Cape Town, at 139m tall. This new development is the tallest built in South Africa! The tallest proposed building in Africa is set to be completed in 2018 and will be named Centurion Symbio-City. This construction is poised to be the world’s 14th tallest freestanding structure, which will soar to 447m (110 storeys) and will be Africa’s tallest structure, even taller than New York’s Empire State Building.

Many other construction proposals are currently on the table such as the possibly super tall “Sandton City Tower 1” which could potentially reach between 230 and 310 meters tall. The city of Johannesburg is presently looking into high-density highrise village projects, which, if approved, could transform the skyline of Johannesburg in coming years.

One of the most beautiful and interesting buildings can be found at Bolani Road in the township of Jabulani, home to the Soweto Theatre. Comprising three boxes; one yellow, one red and one blue, this building is a true original. Designed by Lawrence Chibwe of the company Afritects. The postmodern edifice is a monumental mixture of squares, glass floors, tensile tents, arc shapes and parabolic curves and is as diverse and interesting as the people in this country.

Many structures in Cape Town are more beautiful than they are tall, like the Edwardian and Victorian-styled buildings you see throughout the city. Another example of this is the Castle of Good Hope, the oldest building in South Africa, built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company.