Standing the test of time

CFC (Cape Formwork Contractors) has been successful  in the scaffolding and formwork business since 1984. What is our formula for sustained growth and excellent service in the construction industry?
“There are a number of elements that contribute to success in business. Price, of course, is important, but in today’s highly competitive and technology driven market, sustaining a successful business goes far beyond pricing.
Build Relationships and maintain them
With so much competition out there, building and maintaining great relationships with clients and providing those clients with consistently excellent service is critical. Trust is something that cannot be bought. It takes time to build a trust relationship with a client, and once it is established, it takes integrity to maintain.
Evolve with the marketplace   
The ability to evolve in today’s marketplace, both as a business and an individual, is essential to success. Gone are the days of running your business to a tried and tested recipe. Business today is ever-changing. Either evolve with it or get left behind. There is no room for complacency.
Adapt to the economic environment
The ability to adapt to the economic environment, and fast….. We have been in the scaffolding and formwork business for nearly 30 years and this has afforded us the opportunity to experience all the seasons of the construction industry and the world economy alike. From the 80’s recession to the boom years of the early-mid 2000’s to the recent global economic crisis and the devastating effect that it has had on the construction sector in this country, we have seen it all.
Businesses rise and fall, often as the result of failure to adapt to the economic environment. Many businesses are established during boom times, when making a profit seems easy. These businesses are geared up for foreseen potential, often losing sight of the inevitable downturn that follows these unsustainable highs. When the boom subsides, these businesses are left with a massive wheel to turn and simply not enough work to keep above water.
We have successfully negotiated the past 28 years by basing our decisions on steady growth rather than speculation.
Economist William Sherden put it well when he said, ‘Remember the First Law of Economics: For every economist, there is an equal and opposite economist, so for every bullish economist, there is a bearish one. The Second Law of Economics: They are both likely to be wrong.’   David Poole – Director/Partner.