Special Events – Stage Creation Specialists

CFC (Cape Formwork Contractors) are platform manufacturers, stage creation specialists and scaffold seating suppliers for events in Cape Town.

Even though our services are predominantly scaffolding and formwork in the construction and civil engineering sectors, we are hired frequently to create temporary structures that are easy to assemble and disassemble. These platforms and stages have to be safe and strong enough to hold large crowds at special events. CFC uses the Kwik-Stage Scaffolding System for their scaffolding structures.

Cape Town plays host to many high profile special events such as rock concerts, sports marathons and celebrations which require reliable stage creation specialists in order for all the action to take place.

The events also require able platform manufacturers to construct the platforms surrounding the stage, and finally, scaffold seating suppliers for the crowds and spectators to be seated safely.

These events are imperative in supporting Cape Town’s ability to host world-class events and require the best quality structures and scaffolding coupled with excellent service.

At CFC (Cape Formwork Contractors), we pride ourselves on being capable of providing efficient service, reliable workmen and safe structures through our skilled platform manufacturers, stage creation specialists and scaffold seating suppliers at events which are watched by the rest of the world.

If you are looking for a scaffolding and formwork specialist in Cape Town, please take a look at our products and services and contact us for further details.