Signage Tower Providers – Signage Tower Hire in Cape Town

Signage tower providers use scaffolding systems to build temporary towers for special events where advertisers and sponsors are able to display their logos and billboards for advertising and informational messages. Signage tower hire in Cape Town used during special events is an important part of event marketing and sponsorship as these towers allow the signage to be displayed in prominent positions, increasing its value.

Whether the signs and logos are seen by attendees at the event, through broadcasting on television or captured in photographs, signage tower providers allow advertisers to spread their brand to the largest audience possible.

As signage tower providers, Cape Formwork Contractors provide reliable, safe and cost effective signage tower hire in Cape Town. AT CFC we use Self-Lock and Kwik-Stage scaffolding tower systems which are easily constructible, requiring fewer workmen than other types of tower scaffolds. Kwik-Stage is also flexible in terms of the terrain on which it can be constructed. The scaffold systems adhere to strict safety standards which are upheld by CFC.

To see some of our previous work at sporting and special events, take a look at our photo gallery or to find out more about Cape Formwork Contractors, read all about our products and services, our sponsorship efforts and our scaffolding and formwork services, or contact us directly.