Self-Lock Scaffolding Towers – Scaffolding Tower Hire

Self-Lock towers are scaffolding towers, comprising of frames attached to one another to form the tower and are a favourite choice of contractors in scaffolding tower hire. A self-Lock tower can be built up to four times the base length, so for example, if the base is three square meters, the tower can be built to a height of 12 meters, yet towers can be built up to a height of 30 meters. Towers can be left free standing up to a height of six meters, after which the tower is attached to the structure or building it is being used for work on.

Self-Lock scaffolding towers are highly useful, not only in the construction and trade industry, but also in other areas. Self-Lock tower scaffolding systems can be used in electrical work, building maintenance, decorating such as painting and plastering, plumbing and also for use in special events such as creating seating stands and access ramps and on film sets.

The towers are constructed from frames which are easily manageable due to their light weight and easy construction ability. Towers can be constructed by two workers and are quick and simple to use.

Self-Lock scaffolding systems are extremely popular with contractors and clients for scaffolding tower hire because of the easy manageability of the construction and deconstruction, as well as the time saving aspects. With two people required to construct a tower using the frames and the small amount of time this takes, man power costs are reduced drastically. On film sets, unpredictable elements such as the weather and light are highly important and require a contractor to be able to construct and deconstruct a tower quickly and efficiently. With self-Lock towers this is easily achieved.

Self-Lock scaffolding towers are also very safe for use. Thousands of spectators attend special events, heavy loads are added to towers during construction and formwork and easy assembly usually compromises safety for time. Self-Lock towers do not however – self-Lock towers adhere to strict safety standards and are very reliable in terms of the safety of those using the towers and those around. Scaffolding towers need to be dependable, not just in terms of usability but in safety, and self-Lock towers fulfil all these requirements.

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