Seating Stand Suppliers – Grandstand Seating Suppliers

Large events requiring scaffolding services to create temporary structures often require seating stand suppliers to help create arena, stadium or grandstand seating. Stands for such events often seat thousands of people, making safety a necessity when constructing scaffold stairs and grandstand seating.

CFC (Cape Formwork Contractors) is a safety approved grandstand seating provider, ensuring that thousands of lives are in safe hands with CFC grandstand and seating stand services.

CFC seating stand suppliers use Kwik-Stage scaffolding systems for optimum reliability and safety. Using Kwik-Stage scaffolding allows our grandstand seating services to be efficient because the scaffolding has minimal maintenance needs, is easy to construct and is compact for storage and transport.

CFC are leading Cape Town scaffolding contractors who specialise in a variety of services including providing professional seating stands and grandstands as well as scaffold stairs for large events.

Health and safety is of primary importance to us, as is the high quality of service we insist upon.

If you need seating stands or grandstands in Cape Town, whether for a sports match or rock concert, CFC (Cape Formwork Contractors) has seating stands for hire, as well as a variety of other services available.

To see previous grandstand and scaffold stair projects, please visit our gallery or read about our products and services and contact us for further information.