Scaffolding Tower Hire In Cape Town

CFC (Cape Formwork Contractors) is a specialist in scaffolding and formwork and are reliable scaffold tower providers. Tower scaffolds are constructed so that workmen can gain access to high areas in which they need to do work. A tower can help workmen with painting, plastering, bricklaying, maintenance work and >column erection to name but a few.

As scaffold tower providers, CFC uses Kwik-Stage and Self-Lock towers which bring many advantages to CFC’s scaffolding tower hire in Cape Town:

Kwik-Stage, can be used on uneven ground and requires minimal maintenance.

With CFC’s Self-Lock scaffolding systems, the tower scaffolds can be erected easily by as few as two people, can be tied to a structure and moved with ease.

Costs are brought down dramatically by these benefits, which affirm that CFC scaffold tower providers supply scaffolding services at a lower cost, with more safety and reliability.

If you are in need of tower scaffolds, take a look at our products and services page, check out our gallery, read about our safety standards or contact us for further information about our services as scaffold tower providers and scaffolding tower hire in Cape Town.