Scaffolding Suppliers in Cape Town

Cape Town is a cosmopolitan, modern and vibrant city which is growing consistently, receiving upgrades and requiring services from scaffolding suppliers. In Cape Town, scaffolding services are an important part of the city’s growth and functioning. This impressive metropolis hosts major sporting, social and political events and is the centre of the South African film industry. These features all require the use of dedicated, reliable and safe scaffolding contractors.

Safety in the use of scaffolding services is incredibly important. Whilst accidents are incredibly rare, safety precautions of the highest standards need to be observed by all scaffolding services. All construction workers and contractors should be fully trained in the correct use of scaffolding and in the correct safety procedures. Contractors should ensure that all staff are fully compliant with the OHS Act & SANS 10085 to ensure maximum safety and to reassure customers that they are compliant with strict government legislation.

Construction and formwork
Scaffolding services in Cape Town are often used for construction. These safe, temporary structures are highly versatile in construction work and help jobs to be completed properly and quickly.

Formwork is the use of supporting structures such as scaffolding to create moulds for concrete to be poured into. In Cape Town, steel scaffolding is generally used as it is of a high safety standard and very reliable in its use.

Scaffolding provides access to places that are otherwise difficult to reach and creates safe walkways for workers and pedestrians to cross uneven and hazardous terrain.

Scaffolding towers
Scaffolding is not only used on construction sites but for a host of other requirements as well. Scaffolding towers and stages have become a much needed commodity, especially in Cape Town. The city has a very busy annual calendar, filled with important sporting competitions, highly publicised social events and a booming film and media industry.

Special events in Cape Town require scaffolding services for many uses. Stages are required for many events such as rock concerts, sporting events, and large public gatherings such as political rallies. These events require signage towers to display important information such as sponsorship. Camera and lighting towers are also required for expensive broadcasting and lighting equipment. Commentary towers are important for sporting events such as marathons, as broadcasters require their commentators to be able to see the action clearly. Important guests and speakers may require an elevated commentary tower to make speeches and announcements.

Access ramps for easy pedestrian access are also very useful at public events as they provide safe passage for spectators to the event, allowing attendees to have uncompromised safety by not crossing dangerous roads on foot. Seating stands are used in public events for spectators to be seated on.

Film industry
The film industry in Cape Town has boomed in recent years and it is now considered one of the best filming locations in the world. With a diverse array of scenery, low cost labour and favourable weather, the city has many scaffolding contractors providing temporary scaffolding structures on film sets.

Kwik-Stage scaffolding and Self-Lock towers hired from scaffolding suppliers in Cape Town are extremely useful for film sets as they are easily assembled and movable yet do not compromise on safety. Scaffolding services also need to be incredibly reliable as cameras and other expensive equipment will be supported on these temporary structures. Lighting and weather changes keep film crews on a tight schedule requiring scaffolding to be versatile.

FIFA 2010 World Cup
Preparations for the FIFA World Cup in 2010 have become increasingly more pressurised as the tournament approaches. Major overhauls of city centres and public transport systems as well as infrastructure repairs and upgrades are being incorporated into Cape Town’s plans for hosting parts of the tournament. Scaffolding is being used widely throughout the city in preparation for the world’s favourite sports tournament.

Scaffolding suppliers in Cape Town are in high demand as scaffolding services are required to keep the city in world-class condition. Through the use of construction scaffolding and other temporary structures created by scaffolding, the city is well into preparations for the FIFA World Cup tournament and also remaining a first class travel destination.

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