Scaffold Hire In Cape Town: Construction Scaffolding

Scaffolding hire in Cape Town is no longer sought after as a construction aid only. With new technology available as well as a greater demand for scaffolding for temporary structures used at public events and short projects, the uses for scaffolding have become increasingly varied.

With the influx of international music artists, film productions and an increasing number of building restorations, scaffolding is in high demand. Added to this are the many CBD revamps and the massive building projects being undertaken in preparation for the Football World Cup in 2010, making scaffolding a service in high demand.

Film Sets
Cape Town is now world renowned as a preferred film production spot. There is a massive diversity of scenery, culture and landscape and a very willing workforce. Cape Town is also a top destination for international film shoots due to the favourable exchange rate. With a pleasant Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, mountains, forests, historic and modern buildings and a variety of other scenery, the production process can be made far easier.

The scaffolding being used on set, needs to be safe and extremely reliable as the scaffolding is likely to be on uneven terrain and will need to support heavy and expensive equipment, not to mention the crew! When multiple locations are used, the contracting crew will need to assemble and dismantle the scaffolding quickly and efficiently and without compromising safety. This is where new technologies are helpful because they allow for quick assembly and dismantling without danger.

Public Events
Cape Town plays host to many large-scale public events such as marathons, rock concerts and expos. Most of the events require temporary structures such as scaffold towers and stages for performances and prize-givings as well as for advertising canvasses for the sponsors of the events.

These events are paramount in building Cape Town’s reputation as a world-class city as they are broadcast across the globe and form a basis upon which many foreigners place their opinion of Cape Town. Since these events are filled with people, the safety of the scaffolding needs to be of the highest standards. If there is a flaw in the set up and an accident occurs, many people could be injured.

Another aspect of these massive public events is the management of traffic flow in terms of pedestrians and vehicles. When staging an event where large crowds are expected, it is sometimes necessary to use scaffolding to construct a safe passage for pedestrians across major roads and intersections. Most attendees will have parked their cars in an allotted car park and walked the rest of the way to the event.

Scaffolding aids this process by allowing pedestrians to cross these obstacles and dangerous terrains via temporary footbridges, ramps and walkways. Scaffolding is also a great help in allowing disabled persons to enter an event where there are steps or difficult terrain. Access scaffolding can also be used as a safety precaution on construction sites, helping labourers to avoid uneven terrain which can be dangerous and time consuming to navigate.

Making the Show Go On
It’s not longer just the construction sector that is looking to hire scaffolding contractors. In the vibrant city of Cape Town as in other cities around the world, numerous public events are creating a need for scaffolding for many different purposes.

The main concern for event organisers is public safety and efficiency of work to produce world-class events. Scaffolding and proper scaffold use by trained contractors reduces the risks and increases efficiency at large-scale public events.

About The Author:
CFC is a scaffolding and formwork company based in Cape Town whose products include scaffolding for building and formwork, as well as for large events, access requirements, film sets and restorations. CFC is committed to adhering to stringent health and safety standards in compliance with OHS Act & SANS 10085 and prides itself on getting the job done right, first time.