Mobile Tower Hire – CFC Mobile Tower Providers in Cape Town

Mobile tower hire in Cape Town is especially important for use in film sets, special events, sports events and many other specialised fields of industry.

Mobile tower scaffolds are popular because they are versatile and cost effective as they cut back on labour costs and time. Mobile towers have wheels at the base of the structure which are lockable when the tower is in use. This allows the towers both mobility and safety.

Cape Formwork Contractors are mobile tower providers and use Self-Lock and Kwik-Stage tower scaffold systems that are easy to construct and dismantle, requiring less manpower to assemble them. Self-Locking and Kwik-Stage mobile tower providers can help benefit clients because the towers avoid the dangers associated with quick assembly and dismantling.

The systems are incredibly safe as well as being very versatile, so now clients can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Kwik-Stage mobile tower scaffolds are incredibly flexible in terms of the terrain on which it can be assembled: perfect for film sets on unfavourable ground conditions and any construction work.

CFC mobile tower providers save time, manpower and effort whilst never compromising on service or safety. This results in CFC’s mobile tower hire being far more economical than other types of mobile tower scaffolds available, whilst providing for superior execution of services.

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