Metriform System – Decking Soffits and Beam Soffits

Cape Formwork Contractors make use of a Metriform system to complete formwork services involving decking soffits and beam soffits. A soffit is the term used to describe the part of a structure that forms the ceiling or underside of an architectural structure (typically a roof’s eave). Soffits can be made with engineered formwork using beams or decking panels, or through the use of coffers which are sunken slabs assembled to create a structure.

The Metriform system is most commonly used to create concrete flooring and soffits. The system is so popular because it requires less manpower than other systems. The construction requirements of the decking and beam formwork systems to create the soffits are reduced, as is the use of different components when using the system. Metriform system formwork also helps reduce construction timeframes as the formwork can be removed earlier than other types of formwork.

Cape Formwork Contractors use engineered formwork and the Metriform system to complete decking soffits and beam soffits. The decking soffits used by CFC are precision manufactured to work with coffers and troughs, and are supported by props. The panels are available in a range of sizes.

Metriform systems are highly safe for use and comply with strict health and safety standards, at CFC we demand nothing less.

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