Film Set Scaffolding Suppliers in South Africa

Cape Town has become a popular location for film shoots and movie productions and has a frequent need for film set scaffolding suppliers. Movie set scaffolding and rigging is used frequently in movies to construct sets, for equipment placement, to gain access to high points, create temporary structures and much more.

Film set scaffolding suppliers require scaffolding that is easily constructible and removable for film sets. Most films are shot on a multitude of locations and require sets to be flexible in terms of construction and especially time. When shooting a film, aspects such as natural lighting and weather can be extremely important, making the ability to construct a set or structure using movie set scaffolding quickly an extremely important quality.

The scaffolding used needs to be flexible in terms of terrain and where it can be constructed. Some locations for films have extremely uneven ground, making the job of assembling a scaffolding structure quickly an even greater feat. Kwik-Stage Scaffolding and Self-Lock Towers are easy to construct and dismantle and Kwik-Stage can be used on uneven terrain. Using scaffold towers for film set scaffolding saves producers on labour costs, as the amount of men required to construct scaffolding for a feature are less.

Health and safety is an important part of a film set’s scaffolding supplier’s job. Many people work with film sets and some dangerous stunts are also performed on these. The movie set scaffolding used needs to be reliable and adhere to safety standards to avoid injury of those working on the set.

Film set scaffolding and rigging is extremely useful and popular amongst film makers due to it’s flexibility in terms of time constraints, location and safety.

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