Construction Scaffolding – Scaffolding Building Systems

Cape Formwork Contractors provide scaffolding building systems in Cape Town for any type of construction. A construction scaffold system allows contractors to perform many tasks in construction work successfully and safely.

CFC use Metri-System formwork and Kwik-Stage and Self-Lock scaffold systems for construction scaffolding. These systems are popular scaffolding building systems as they require less man power, are incredibly durable and strong, are quick and easy to erect and dismantle and are very safe to use, despite needing less attention than other types of scaffolding.

Scaffolding building systems are used by Cape Formwork Contractors for formwork systems. Formwork is used in the creation of structures. Concrete is poured and set into the forms of which the building will comprise. The construction scaffolding provides support for the formwork systems which require scaffolding that is able to cope with supporting hundreds of tonnes of concrete.

Scaffolding building systems are also used to support workmen during work on construction sites at heights and in areas which are difficult to reach. The scaffold systems allow the workers to access high places on buildings without compromising their safety yet still making it possible for them to complete difficult jobs with excellence.

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