Commentary Tower Providers – Commentary Tower Hire in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the major metropolitan areas of South Africa and the city is host to a large number of impressive sports tournaments and special events requiring commentary tower providers. Commentary tower hire is needed to equip the events with safe and reliable scaffolding for commentators and commentary equipment.

Sports events and annual activities such as marathons and bike races that do not have permanent grounds or venues require temporary structures such as stages and platforms, camera towers, signage towers, access equipment and commentary towers to make the event a success. Because these events are often televised and broadcast over the radio, commentary tower scaffolds are used to give the commentators the best view of the action.

Commentary towers enable commentators to access the important events and to broadcast an unbeatable account of what is happening. At Cape Formwork Contractors, we are commentary tower hire specialists who provide safe and reliable commentary tower scaffolds. CFC uses Self-Lock scaffolding systems which are safe, easy to construct, versatile and time saving, ultimately leading to lowered costs and manpower needs.

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