Camera Tower Providers – Camera Tower Hire in Cape Town

Various high profile industries such as the film industry, special events and sporting events require the services of camera tower providers to ensure that the best angles and views of the action can be accessed. With the growing number of major events in Cape Town such as major motion picture productions and large scale rock concerts and festivals, camera tower hire in Cape Town has become a service in increasingly high demand.

These pictures from high profile events are of enormous importance to the country as they are sent around the world and create an image of South Africa abroad as images are used on television and in print media. So it’s important that camera tower providers ensure that the highest quality services and products are provided to their customers.

Cameras used for television and films are extremely expensive, some costing hundreds of thousands of Rand. The safety of cameras and operating crew is vital to organisers and hosts making use of camera tower hire. Providers need to use safe and reliable, as well as easily movable cameras towers in high paced industries.

The ground on which camera towers are constructed can often be uneven and unfavourable for supporting not only the camera towers but the heavy equipment and crew. For this reason, camera tower scaffolds must be flexible in terms of construction and dismantling.

Cape Formwork Contractors (CFC) use the Kwik-Stage scaffolding system for their work as camera tower providers. Kwik-Stage tower systems are more dependable and reliable, easier to work with, have a much higher safety value than other tower scaffold systems. They also cut back on costs as they require less manpower and time to assemble and dismantle.

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