Aluminium Scaffold Tower Providers – Aluminium Scaffold Tower Hire in Cape Town

Many different industries make frequent use of aluminium scaffolding tower providers to supply dependable scaffolding tower hire in Cape Town. The use of scaffolding in industries other than construction has become more common, especially in the film, special events and sporting industries.

Aluminium tower scaffolds have many benefits to their use. Aluminium is a metal which has incredible strength and is more easily able to resist corrosion than other metals. This makes aluminium scaffolding safe and sturdy>, reducing the risk of accidents and injury. Aluminium alloy is so strong that it is used to make vital parts of aircraft and rockets.

Aluminium tower scaffolds are light weight due to aluminium being a very light metal. This makes the transportation and use of aluminium scaffolding easier than other types of scaffolding, which saves both time and money.

Cape Formwork Contractors supply aluminium scaffold tower hire in the Cape Town area. We use the Span-Tower and Step-Tower systems which are incredibly safe for use whilst being easy to assemble and dismantle. Span-Tower and Step-Tower systems save time and money due to the quick assembly and lower amounts of manpower needed to work with these scaffolds.

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