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In January of 1984 Colin Poole and Jerry West went into partnership with the establishment of Cape Formwork Contractors or CFC. Their goal was to take on the highly competitive scaffolding and formwork market in Cape Town...

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CFC gets a mention in a Cape Argus feature highlighting the perils of a bad build.



Don MacAlister shares his views on why it is vital for you to choose the right scaffolding partner, and how it will ultimately save you time and money in a tight world economy.

His advice is to “think before you build”, he goes on to add:

“What might sound like a great idea from an aesthetic point of view might be impractical. On my last renovation at home, I decided it would be great to roof our back patio. The result looked great, but for the past few years I have had to repaint the top timberwork. Why? Because access to the painted area was via a ladder in the pool which meant the job was never done properly. So, this year – thanks to connections with a great scaffolding company (CFC) – we erected a proper access platform, covered the pool with plastic and have, hopefully, completed the work correctly. Make sure what you build is practical and, on a lighter note which could turn nasty, make sure dogs understand although the top of the pool might look solid if it’s covered in black plastic, they cannot walk on water.”

Each project has its own set of complications. CFC strives to give you specialist structural advice, so that you can achieve the aesthetic you’re after.